In short, leadership is influence.  You are not a leader just because you have a title or if people call you boss.  Although a title does give you some leadership the truth is it’s very limited.

Good leadership comes when you realize that you can lead from anywhere– any place, any title, any level on the organization chart, literally anywhere!  The 360 leader makes a decision that they will use their influence to help people, all people, win.

That means:

  • You learn to lead your boss appropriately.
  • You learn to lead your peers while having healthy relationships with them.
  • You become a great team leader, one that people want to be on!
  • And most importantly you have learn to lead yourself.

Here’s the big deal with learning to be a 360 leader.  When you decide to leverage your influence in all directions, it multiplies your amount of influence.  Let me say it this way; when you leverage your influence, you unleash your potential.

You don’t have to be stuck anymore.  Start unleashing your potential today!


It has been said that the hardest person to lead in yourself.  I have personally found this to be true.  Measuring personal growth can be challenging and when we don’t consistently take steps toward growth, we have good reasons why.  Often times we would call those reasons “excuses” coming from someone else.

Learning to live with daily discipline, managing life priorities, and finding a great balance intentionally building in margin to enjoy life is hard work.  But I am confident that it can be done successfully.  You can learn to lead yourself.

Leading UP

Most people don’t think they can lead their boss.  They are convinced that lines drawn on the organization chart are chains that keep them bound down.  When this mindset exists you are convinced there is nothing, absolutely nothing, you can do.  So you find yourself complaining, gossiping, and become paralyzed in every other direction.

Learning to lead your boss is often very slow, but when you use your influence to “help” your boss you can experience great liberation.  You become what Seth Godin calls a “Linchpin.”  You become vital to the organization.

Leading PEERS

Decades of office politics make leading peers a challenge.  Promotions and compensation structures push people to think of themselves before others.  It often seems the moment you stop competing with one another someone else gets a step ahead of you.

Learning to lead your peers is hard.  It really takes a character check.  Leading peers requires learning good people skills, great communications skills, and even better listening skills.  I have found leading peers to be the hardest of the 360 directions for me to lead.  But just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it can’t be done well.  You can lead your peers.

Leading TEAM

Leading a team is usually what most people think of when they think of leadership.  This is the most fun area of leadership for me.  I love being able to mobilize people to accomplish great things.  When thinking of 360 leadership this is the one area you have permission to lead.

Learning to lead a team well though is different than being the team leader.  Just gaining the title is the easy part.  There are skills and disciplines that have to be utilized consistently to build a team that everyone wants to be on.  Don’t settle for just being the team leader, decide to be leader that makes his team better.