Rich Cochran is an experienced leader that knows how to lead change and create healthy growth for an organization. While many people allow their position to hold back their potential.  Rich has learned that you can use your influence to mobilize people and bust the established mold, and unleash your growth potential.

Rich is currently the Director of Leadership Development for Illinois Baptist.  He has worked with non-profit organizations, churches, private schools, and business leaders.  He is a writer and guest speaker for leadership conferences.

Rich has internal drive to help people do more than they think possible. His optimistic attitude and strong people skills cause people to believe that they can actually make a difference.

  • As a strategic thinker, he helps organizations remember their true purpose, how to create alignment, and how to speak with clarity.
  • As a problem solver, he knows that there are underlying challenges and can help identify the real problems that need a solution.
  • As a leader of change, he knows how to move a group of people to reach the desired outcomes. He know that consistent steps in the right direction will bring progress.

Rich has spent most of his leadership in the 2nd chair. He has learned to lead and mobilize the organization even when not at the top of the organization chart. In fact, because of his experience he believes that effective 360 leadership will give you significant influence no matter where you are.

About “Influence from Anywhere”

This Rich’s personal blog. It is focused on helping people understand that they can use their influence no matter where they are in life or on the organization chart.  He will help leaders use their influence to discover personal success, build a dream, and help the people around them to become successful as well.

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