Serving and suffering are paired in the teaching and life of our Lord.  One does not come without the other.  And what servant is greater than the Lord?

~J. Oswald Sanders

Spiritual Leadership (Chicago: Moody, 1967), 23

“Good news:  If you run a business, you’re what’s right with your organization.  Bad news:  You’re also what’s wrong with it.  Leaders set the pace.”

Entreleadership (Howard Books, 2011)

While good managers may keep the production line working at low cost and peak efficiency, it would be of no value if that production line was still churching out rotary telephones!

John Maxwell

360 Degree Leader (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2005)

“You can’t change people. But if you change the environment that people are in, they will change.”

Be Our Guest, Disney Institute

“If businesses managed their money as carelessly as they manage their people, most would be bankrupt.”
-Bill Conaty, Ram Charan

Bill Chonaty
Ram Charan
Talent Masters (New York: Crown Business, 2010),