One Question for Leaders to Keep their Egos in Check

A leader has to constantly be checking his ego. No one wants to work for or with a person with an egotistical person. Not to mention leaders don’t want people with arrogant people either. You can smell ego a mile away.

But here’s the hard thing about egos. Leaders are the leaders because they are pointing the direction for the group, team, or business. They have to boldly say “here is the best way” or “follow me I will get you where you want to be.” That takes confidence and boldness.

Because think about the alternative. No one wants to work for a leader that doesn’t give direction, push the team to do more, or have opinions on the direction of the team.

In the book EntreLeadership, Dave Ramsey points out a big truth, “your business, ideas, and team will be paralyzed by an indecisive leader.”

So there is a constant tension within a leader to manage their ego.

Here is a big question to constantly ask to keep your ego in check:

Am I serving the people and team more than myself?

Make sure your heart is for the good of the team and you will keep your ego in check. Serve the people on your team more than they serve you and you will keep your ego in check. Let the team win and get the praise even when you are the one singled out.

Yes, there will be times when you cross the line. But when your pattern is to keep your ego in check you will get the benefit of the doubt most of the time.

Constantly check your self and keep leading.

Serve others, but don’t back away from being bold and courageous. Your team will thank you.

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