5 Reasons You Should Start Leading from Your Strengths Today

The best leaders make things happen and bring others along for the journey!  I thoroughly enjoy leading. I love seeing growth, healthy change, and progress. And I love when other people make the journey together. But at times I found myself frustrated because I didn’t do some of my work as good as people around […]

Be Present!

Have you ever felt like your body was present, but your mind is some other place?  I think most people experience this feeling.  Most of the time we don’t even catch ourselves until our mind is long gone and something kicks us back to reality.

3 Productivity Tools I Use

Here are three productivity tools from Michael Hyatt that you will love. You should read his blog (MichaelHyatt.com and check out his book Platform. Great stuff. Click on the titles to find the articles. How to Better Control Your Time by Designing Your Ideal Week This is a tool I go back to a couple […]

3 Ways to Boost Your Friendliness Factor

In your work does friendliness matter? I’m guessing it probably does. Especially if you have any interaction with people. You could almost equate being friendly to being likable. I believe there is something inside each one of us that wants to be accepted and liked by others. Tim Sanders wrote a book titled The Likability […]