6 Practices to Add Value Team Members

Good Team Leaders Value More Than the Bottom Line

Why is it that many leaders believe that team members are only there to serve the bottom line? Now, very few leaders would say that out loud. But the way team members are often treated makes the end game of the bottom line the only thing. I like the way John Maxwell talks about helping […]

Questions a Good Leader Ask

11 Questions to Change the Culture of Your Team

I love reading books of all types.  John Maxwell has written many books on leadership.  I have probably read most of his books.  I love how he encourages leaders to value people.  Here are some of my outtakes from John Maxwell’s book Good Leaders Ask Great Questions. Questions a Good Leader Ask from His Team […]

Help Your Leader Win

Leading in the middle can be challenging, especially when you have the wrong perspective in helping your leader win. Surprisingly for many people it is not natural to find ways to help your boss win. Whether it’s for the organization or personally, good leaders make a conscious choice to find ways to lead up. Even […]

4 Friday Quotes for Leaders

“Paying attention to others, giving them the respect they deserve, and politely serving them makes a positive difference.” –Mark Sanborn, taken from the book The Fred Factor   “You can connect with others if you’re willing to get off your own agenda, to think about others, and to try to understand who they are and […]