5 Habits of Great Team Leaders

Building a great team can be tricky.

Managing people, problems, and progress is an all the time job. The moment we stop working to build a great team we let up and then find ourselves behind the eight ball.

  1. Consistently cast vision. You can’t say “why” enough. Life has ups and downs, distractions, and obstacles. A great team leader consistently reminds everyone “why” and “why now.” You can’t say it once, twice, or three times. It has to be said everyday in big and small ways.
  2. Create good culture. Culture is the inside view of your team, organization, or business. Just like the tide comes in everyday so your culture is always pulling. Culture always shows up. Great team leaders work to build a culture of trust, care, and openness. Healthy organizations don’t happen by accident. In the book The Advantage Patrick Lencioni does an excellent job giving great practical ways to build a healthy organization. Great leaders always build and protect culture.
  3. Create structure of excellence, efficiency, & effectiveness. Excellence, efficiency, and effectiveness don’t naturally occur among multiple people at the same time. Great leaders work to put people in the right seats on the bus and create an environment that allows greatness to flourish.
  4. Communication constantly. Great team leaders know they have to communicate constantly with their team. Communication has to occur regularly in one-on-one conversations, in small groups of people, in staff meeting, and in written emails and memos. You can’t just fire one bullet and say “well I told ’em” so now everyone knows. Good consistent communication leads to healthy relationships . Healthy relationships lead to a great team.
  5. Develop people. Great team leaders work to develop the skills of the people on the team. Investing in people always makes the team stronger. The better the players on your team the better chance your team has to win. Find ways to formally and informally add value to the people on your team. When you develop people their skill set grows and their commitment goes up. Be known as a team leader that develops people to be better not just produce results for the the team.

What do you do regularly with your team to help them become great?

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