3 Small Ways I Grew in Personal Development

No one owns your personal development but you!

That’s a little direct to start a post, but I have found that to be true. I have grown and developed leadership, communication, and people skills because somewhere early in my career I became inclined to do so. I think it was by accident. I have reflected multiple times on when I intentionally started owning my personal development. I can’t figure out when.

But I can go back and trace many of the “hows” of my personal development.

Here are 3 small ways I grew in my personal development:

1. I admitted I didn’t know enough. I knew this in my mind and I admitted it out loud. This type of confession is perfectly healthy when you are young and just getting started. The challenge is that many people have not developed themselves, continued in their career and find themselves in a frustrating situations they get older. Admit it and pursue personal growth. No matter your age bring others into your life and never stop this practice.

2. Ask good questions. Find people with great experience in multiple arenas of your life and ask many questions. But don’t ask “what” questions. “What” questions will give you the answers, but you won’t ever know why a person made that decision. In a few years you will have to make a similar decision and not know why.

Ask “why” questions. This way you can learn how to process information and make good decisions on different questions because you have learned to think critically.

3. Read! I discovered a love for learning right after graduate school. I don’t know if it was all the time spent while in school and then I suddenly had free time or what triggered this love. But I began reading books. Now I know many people don’t believe they have time or can’t read, but I am convinced that leaders are readers. I have undiagnosed ADD. That is not tongue in cheek. I am 100% confident of th truth. I have not allowed that to be an excuse to hinder me, but simply a challenge to overcome. We all have challenges. Find a way to fight through.

Find a time of day that works for you and be consistent. If you read consistently you will find that you complete books regularly.

Please know you can grow and strengthen your skills. Remember you can’t make up time in your personal growth. In order to grow you have to start. Why not today?

What have you found to help you grow in personal development?

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